County Market
Job Description

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County Market’s management team focuses on customer service, maximizing gross profit, promoting sales, controlling inventory and expenses.



County Market MANAGEMENT POSITIONS include …



STORE DIRECTOR “Leader of the Team.” Responsible for total store operations (fresh and center store), customer care, profitability, inventory control and human resource management



ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER Assists Store Director with all aspects of the store and preparing to be a Store Director



DELI MANAGER Passionate about food, creating new dishes


KITCHEN MANAGER Never gets tired of cooking, adapts to new recipes



BAKERY MANAGER Creative, enjoys delighting people with sweat treats



MEAT MANAGER A craftsman, able to get quality cuts out of the different products


BUTCHER SHOP MANAGER Always able to help a customer make their meat selection for those special occasions, is creative and willing to try new ideas



PRODUCE MANAGER Can tell you everything you want to know about an avocado and more. Gets excited about new produce and the seasonality of the department



GROCERY MANAGER Responsible for Center Store but also training for an Assistant Manager position. Occasionally the Manager on Duty, responsible for all facets of store operations



FROZEN MANAGER An “ice box” full of fruit and veggies, desserts, dinners and snacks.



DAIRY MANAGER A destination department … everyone needs milk and eggs



GENERAL MERCHANDISE MANAGER Merchandise the holidays and change of seasons as well as the basic everyday needs from tissues to baby products to beauty and healthcare items.


CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER The customer’s lasting impression of their shopping experience.

Brand: County Market
Address: 406 West Madison Pontiac, IL - 61764
Property Description: 329 County Market
Property Number: 329
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